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Konductor AIR Application Updates

The team has been working hard on the new build for the last few months, and now that the last of our big tickets are being addressed I have a little time for a blog post :)

In addition to working on the actual application, I often have a chance to work with Konductor and create sites for use on our own system. (We’ve been dogfooding since day one) I thought it might be nice to put together a list of hints and tips that we’ve found useful in creating sites for Kondcutor, which should help you to focus on designing beautiful sites and getting them online as fast as possible.

  1. Write semantic code. Basically this means use your HTML to organize your content logically, then use the CSS to place it. Make the CSS do all the work, and use relevant tags for relevant data (ie. use styled h1-h6 elements for headings, not styled divs. Use styled p elements for paragraphs, not styled divs. Use styled lists for menus, not styled divs) This will not only make your content easiers to style, but also will help with SEO. Reference:
  2. Become a CSS ninja. This will make your job that much easier. This doesn’t mean you have to know everything there is to know about CSS; just learn some best practices, and learn some techniques used to solve common tasks. Reference:
  3. A little jQuery can go a long way. This may sound scary, but this doesn’t mean you have to learn everything about jQuery in order to use it effectively. There are many prepackaged modules out there to help you integreate with galleries, video sites, pull in RSS data, and perform all kinds of dynamic data manipulation. Reference:

Another tool that can provide some excellent suggestions is the Google Page Speed Online. This will give practical suggestions on how you can structure your site and it’s code n order to get the most out of your website.

We will post up another article soon looking at some CSS grid systems and HTML5 elements that can make your web pages quicker and more relevant.


500 More Seats Announced

Due to the overwhelming response to the prerelease program – over 500 in 7 days – we have decided to keep the doors open to 500 more. We will be breaking up the users into groups of 50 to 100 over the next few days, with first group of users being sent the AIR application as early as next week. Thanks to all for the amazing response!